IMS DIA stablished in center of noida

IMS DIA at NOIDA city in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, has become a hub for education in recent years for several reasons:

Metro | IMS DIA

Proximity to Delhi

IMS DIA is located in close proximity to the national capital, Delhi. This allows students to access a wide range of transportation modes including Bus, Cabs and Metro direct at doorstep's.
Buildings | IMS DIA

Industrial and Corporate Presence

Noida is a prominent IT and industrial hub in India. This has led to the establishment of major corporate offices also provides opportunities for internships and job placements.
Students Standing at Stage | IMS DIA

Cultural and Recreational Activities

Noida offers a range of cultural and recreational activities, including theaters, sports complexes, shopping malls, and parks. A well-rounded lifestyle enhances the overall educational experience.
Student Making Something | IMS DIA


Students in IMS DIA come's from diverse city and school with residents from various parts of India. This diversity enriches the educational and cultural experiences of students, exposing them to different perspectives and cultures.
Students Outside of Class | IMS DIA

Career Opportunities

Due to its proximity to Delhi NCR and its growing industrial sector, Noida provides ample career opportunities for students, both nation and Internationally during their studies and after graduation.
Students | IMS DIA

Networking Opportunities

Noida proximity to IMS DIA allows students to network with professionals and experts in various fields, attend conferences, seminars, and workshops, and gain valuable insights and contacts.


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