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Classroom is spacious equipped with modern technology where our instructors conduct classes, lectures, and academic activities Modern college classrooms often feature audiovisual equipment, including projectors and screens, to display slideshows, videos, and digital content.

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The major goal of the IMS DIA Library is to offer specialised design literature on a range of topics, including jewellery Design, drawing and painting, Interior and Exterior Design, Communication Design, Fashion Design, Textile Design, Product Design, etc. Numerous foreign periodicals can be found, including Vogue, Condé Nast Traveller, Architectural Digest, Smart Photography, Shoe & Accessories, Creative Gaga, GQ, Fashtech journal, and the art of Jewellery.

Digital Film and VFX Studio

• A space to explore your dreams and use your imagination to create spectacular visuals that leave a lasting impact!
• The Digital Film and VFX studio has the best technology to create short films, ad films and VFX features.
• The Green Screen facility enables seamless integration of CGI with live action.
• The studio also can be used to create various live action set ups as per requirement of the script.
• Lights! Camera! Action!


Our college playground or sports field is an outdoor area within a college campus dedicated to recreational and sports activities. It serves as a vital space for students to engage in physical fitness, sports, and leisure activities like Football,  Volleyball and Basketball etc.

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Visualization Lab

Prepares students for developing skills like rendering, form construction etc. WACOM Tablets are digital tools to help designers to visualize digitally

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Animation and Game Design Lab:

The lab is fully equipped with high end Apple I Mac Systems and HP Design Workstations. 2D and 3D soft wares bring your imagination to life in this lab. Create characters, tell stories, and explore new dimensions using the potential of the Animation and Game Design lab.


Carpentry and woodworking are skill sets that require in-depth knowledge of the tools, machines, and proper techniques to create high-quality commercial products. Various woodworking tools for milling, sanding, boring, carving, and finishing are provided in the wood and metal workshop.

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Holographic Display

• A Holographic Display is a type of 3D display that uses light diffraction to display a three-dimensional image to the viewer.
• Holographic display technology has the ability to create the illusion of 3D objects in volumetric space.

Gemmology Lab

In order to view the gemstones, specifically diamonds in neural focused lights so as to not allow any interference of Colour. These are used while grading diamonds and gemstones


The Wood and Metal Workshop is equipped with standing machines, power tools and hand tools to facilitate the cutting of wood, shaping and welding of steel to enable the precise work with hardwoods, softwoods and panel products. The lab technicians have extensive experience in model-making and fabrication, and are available to support and assist students in their work. Students can make interior design models, furniture models and prototypes and various décor and luxury products in this laboratory.


3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, has become one of the key technologies in design, enabling complex geometric or organic shaped parts to be designed on a computer and built with a fully-automated manufacturing process. Equipment in the lab ranges from entry-level desktop 3D printer to industrial rapid prototyping


The Computer Aided Design Laboratory is a central facility of the Academy where all undergraduate and postgraduate students and research scholars can work with the sophisticated 2-D & 3-D design and analysis software.It helps students to simulate their designs and present it to their prospective clients. It aids students in visualizing the design concepts and representing them aesthetical

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It is a one of its kind unique sustainable workshop where students will bring their ideas to life, from working with scaled models to turning them into full-sized proto types, this will help them understand the possibilities and limitations of organic raw materials as a design materials.

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The work performed in the Ceramics laboratory includes all technological processes of ceramics. These are preparation of clay, extruding, different forming, drying, polishing, making of plaster moulds, milling of glazes, glazing, firing in electric and wood-fired kilns.

Casting Unit

For mass production and to create multiple pieces in one go, a wax model/ models are made that are further attached to a tree. This is then further processed in a vacuum flask and then costed where the metal replaces the wax creating metal pieces that can be further created in jewellery

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Metalsmithing Lab

Rolling mill: to draw metal plates and roll wire in perpetration to making jewellery and accessory Electroplating Unit: To coat a fine layer of metal on the jewellery piece to enhance shine and improve finishing Melting furnace.

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3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The creation of a 3D printed object is achieved using additive processes.

Textile Weaving Lab

Table top sample looms BANARSI JALA LOOM for weaving sarees and dress material Board warping frame Pirn winder for making warp

Dying and printing lab

Dyeing and Printing Lab 20 ft X5 ft Screen printing table (industry standard) 14ft X 5 ft block printing table (industry standard) Screen exposing table 5ft x 2.5 ft

Garment Construction Lab

Vacuum Ironing Table with Buck Zuki Single needle machine 4 thread over lock machine Dress-forms of varied sizes- 8,10,12& 14.


It is a one of its kind unique sustainable workshop where students will bring their ideas to life, from working with scaled models to turning them into full-sized proto types, this will help them understand the possibilities and limitations of organic raw materials as a design materials.

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Salaam Namaste Radio 90.4

Salaam Namaste, Community Radio (CR) station is the first CR station of Noida and Ghaziabad. The station is operational since 2009 catering into different communities such as Women, children, students, Senior Citizens , slum dwellers, villagers ,Folk Artists ,Artisans ,House-held help ,Start –Up Innovators ,Health Experts ,Career Experts ,Social Activists etc.


IMS Design and Innovation Academy [DIA] stands out to be a private college located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Providing the excellence one could trust upon, the DIA Noida has a UGC affiliation, approved by the AICTE, but apart from that IMSDIA also affiliated to CCS, Meerut. It is recognized as a fragment of the IMS society and was established in the year 2005.










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