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The Foundation Design for Communication, Fashion, Interior Design and Jewellery & Accessory Design course is a comprehensive program that aims to provide students with a solid understanding of design principles and techniques specifically tailored to all the streams of design. This course will explore the fundamentals of design, including colour theory, composition, spatial planning, and visual communication, while emphasizing their application in the context of these creative disciplines. Through hands-on projects and practical exercises, students will develop the necessary skills to create compelling and visually appealing designs for various mediums.

Labs Available for Foundation Design Students

About First Year Foundation Design 
The First year is categorically the foundation year, focusing on studying interdisciplinary studio learnings to grasp the fundamentals of design and Foundation. It introduces the student to the world of art and design through art appreciation, material study and the basics of design. The students focus on conceptualization and critical thinking through various classroom activities.

Introduction to Design Principles: Explore the elements and principles of design in communication, fashion, interior design, jewellery and accessory design and their integration with AI technologies.
Colour Theory and Application: Learn the fundamentals of colour theory and its application in design aesthetics, including AI-driven colour palette generation.
Composition and Visual Communication: Develop skills in layout design, visual hierarchy, and typography for effective communication, incorporating AI-assisted design tools.
Spatial Planning and Interior Design: Instead of Understanding principles of spatial planning, functionality, and material selection for interior spaces, leveraging AI for virtual design simulations.
Fashion Design and Textile Manipulation: Gain insights into fashion design principles, fabric manipulation techniques, and AI-driven trend analysis for fashion forecasting.

Concept Development and Design Process: Learn idea generation, design thinking, research techniques, and AI-powered ideation tools for innovative design solutions.
Digital Tools and Software: Utilize AI-powered design software and tools to enhance creativity, efficiency, and collaboration in the design process.
Portfolio Development: Create a visually appealing design portfolio showcasing skills, creativity, and AI-integrated design projects in the respective disciplines.
Making students sensitive about sustainability and environmental issues.
Craft Documentation: Students visit to craft clusters for craft documentation under the faculty guidance.
70%of the course is delivered through practical projects for which students have access to different labs to create demonstrative models and prototypes.
Educational tours and recreational tours are conducted on regular basis.

Foundation labs

1. 3D Printing lab

2. Laser cutting labs

3. Sewing and stitching lab

4. VFX and Photography Lab

5. Ceramic Lab

6. Wood Carpentry lab

7. Digital Design/Computer lab

8. Visualization lab

9. Design Process Lab

10. Video Editing Lab

Industry Collaborations

Every DIAn gets global and national opportunities to represent, share and gain knowledge and experience through our International and national collaborations within the fashion and design industry.

The Association of Designers of India and IMS-DIA's partnership will benefit fashion design students by offering them access to an exclusive network of individuals interested in the Indian design scene and by fostering a meaningful connection between design professionals and business.

As a strategic partner, IMS DIA engages with WDO to become an official member of its worldwide designer's learning community and to participate in World Design Capital®, World Design Talks, World Industrial Design Day, World Design Impact Prize (TM), and Interdesign®.

IMS-DIA is part of a global network of International Fashion and Textile Institutes, and our students and faculty have a meaningful voice among a diverse range of Institutions from around the world (currently 55 institutions from 23 countries), providing an opportunity to share knowledge and intercultural understanding to inform, develop, shape, and direct the fashion and textile curricula and research agenda.

Provides opportunities to DIA Students to participate in various activities, projects and Internship opportunities to promote Khadi on national and international level.

Provides opportunities to DIA Students to participate in various activities, projects and Internship opportunities to promote Khadi on national and international level.

Course Highlights

Industry- Academics Partnership

The design student has the opportunity to learn and hone their design skills while working on modules that are set in a hybrid model of practical - industrial -classroom situations through projects with prestigious brands/partners like Aditya Birla, Nida Mehmood, Shilpi Gupta, Surkhab, Pankaj and Nidhi, Shoppers Stop, and many more.

International Competitions part of the program learning

In the course of their undergraduate studies over the course of 4 years, all design student participate in 2 international competitions. The two contests are in line with the program's learning objectives, which are subtly woven into the curriculum to expose students to design competitions.

DIA students must perform a four-months internship as part of their curriculum. Through their selection of internships at leading design firms, students have the chance to learn about various facets of the Indian Interior design industry. The internship gives them practical experience, develops their professional network, and gives them exposure to portfolio presentations. Each student receives guidance from a DIA faculty mentor who ensures that their learning goals are reached.

The right fusion of technological and empathetic skills is a key component of the B.Des in Interior design. The curriculum gives students the chance to learn about the most recent advancements in AI, AR, and VR, which will help them create future ready Interiors and tackle major design issues. To equip students with cutting-edge design abilities, AI in design is being introduced at the foundational level.

With 70% practical exposure, the B.Des in Interior design curriculum is the most advanced curriculum for learning and fostering design process. DIA offers 22 labs that are enriched in offering latest technology, hands on material experience, and design thinking for an amplified learning process.

Cross culture, Primary research, experience of different social structures, are few key components of studying Interior design and to foster them, DIA opens to all its student an opportunity to participate in international exchange programs with world’s best design universities or colleges across globe. In addition to exchange program, DIA brings to the classroom a pool of international faculty to deliver a module or workshop every year in DIA campus in Delhi NCR.

Foundation Design Team

Mr. Anaik - Head of the Department

College of Art, Delhi University Awards’ Sanyal Award College of art Mr. Anaik Singh possess 20+ years of experience in the field of art and design. During his career he has worked in the Computer Games industry for the companies like Microsoft projects, Code Masters, Dhruva interactive Bengaluru, Lakshya Digital Gurugram and Escort technologies Faridabad. He has taught and shared his experience in Sharda university, Arena animation, Ramjas Schools and Aakriti institute for art and animation. Teaching Philosophy: I firmly believe that education is not just about transferring knowledge but also about fostering a sense of curiosity, exploration, and critical thinking. In my classroom, I encourage students to embrace experimentation, think outside the box, and challenge conventions. I emphasize the importance of technical proficiency, but also encourage students to develop their unique artistic voice and express their ideas authentically As a design teacher and artist, I am committed to nurturing the creative potential of my students and fostering a deep appreciation for the world of art and design. Through my own artistic journey and experiences, I strive to inspire and guide others to discover their unique artistic voices. I am passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of my students and the artistic community as a whole.

Ar. Rohit Bharti - HOD Interior Design

He is an architect, academician, and designer specializing in translating thoughts and ideas into his design projects. He is a Ph.D. Scholar from Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi in the domain of architecture and Interior Design. He is a Gold Medalist in Masters of Architecture in the domain of Recreation Architecture from Jamia Millia Islamia University and finished his B.Arch. from USAP, GGSIPU. He has worked in the industry for 8 years and has been involved in academics for more than 7 years.

Ms. Ritu Gulati - HOD Jewellery & Accessory Design

Highly skilled and innovative professor of jewellery design, dedicated to nurturing creative talent and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression in the field. She is a passionate teacher, and has an unwavering commitment to empowering students to explore their creativity and excel in their craft. She has 20 years of experience and has worked with design schools at various academic and administrative levels. She holds a Master’s Degree in Human Development from a prestigious institution and a Diploma in Jewellery Design from Apeejay Institute of Design besides a certificate in Retail Management from LDT Nagold, Germany, and Diamond Grading from GIA (Gemological Institute of America).

Ms. Apoorva Vijh - Program Leader Luxury

She is a Postgraduate from MIP Politecnico di Milano Business School / S P Jain Global School (International Masters in Luxury Goods and Services Management). She completed her graduation from NIFT Hyderabad, specializing in Accessory Design. She has also done a Diploma in Jewellery Manufacturing and technology from the Indian Institute of Gems and Jewellery, Delhi. She has also completed a Certificate Program in comprehensive CAD & CAM for designing and manufacturing from GIA Carlsbad (Gemological Institute of America, Carlsbad) California. She has 10 years of work experience in the design industry. She has worked with brands such as P C JEWELLERS, (SRK GROUP), IMAGINARIUM, AND TITAN. Her teaching experience includes association with NIFT- Mumbai, Lemark School of Art (Mumbai), GIA – MUMBAI and ARCH COLLEGE OF DESIGN AND BUSINESS.


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