Why choose Fashion design in IMS-DIA ?


Our work encompasses all facets of fashion, including work wear, inventive couture, and clothing for all body types sizes, and gender expressions.
You will find paths and assistance for fashion business to promote and redistribute power.
The course encourages and teaches students about a mindful, ethical, and sustainable approach to design and realization.
The course gives students the chance to participate in international competitions embedded in the curriculum that strengthens their resume.
With integrating artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and sustainable.
Design practices the course promotes and educates students how to develop futuristic clothing in responsible environment.
DIA offers a wide selection of 22 on-campus labs to all fashion design students, including weaving studios, dyeing, labs, vfx studios and metal smithing.
Wood, ceramics,  AR/VR and many more, to investigate and specialize in multidimensional materials to produce fashion for the future.

Courses Offered

 Fashion Design


Sr No Course Awards Duration Eligibility
1 B.Des. Fashion Design CCSU Degree – IMS DIA 4 years 10 + 2
2 Short courses  CCSU Degree – IMS DIA 9 months 10 + 2
3 Post Graduate diploma in Fashion design CCSU Degree – IMS DIA 2 years



Our fashion design course gives an understanding of different garments across all genders and age groups. This course provides all the necessary creative, technical, intellectual, and communication skills needed to excel in the fashion design industry. At DIA, we define fashion as an expression of personality in the ever-evolving world of material, technology, and hand- crafted design advancements. The program enables the student to complete 16 expertise and skill-based international certificates from our partner colleges in the UK, USA, and Australia that are woven into their undergraduate curriculum and improve their skill set, and position them for a brighter future in the context of the global fashion and textile industry. Students are exposed to experiential learning through visits, exchanges, and masterclasses. The course offers different specializations in the final year to choose from. The learning during the course culminates into a final design project in the final year, reflecting the student’s design philosophy and personal design aesthetics.

Short term courses

➢ Draping serves as a crucial starting point in the creative process, enabling designers to experiment with fabric and achieve unique silhouettes before finalizing patterns for production.
Creative draping techniques go beyond the basics and involve innovative ways to manipulate fabric for unique and artistic effects. To add to the look and feel of the garment the designer has to enhance the surface of the garment by adding embroidery in tune with the complete look. The last is to collect the process in form of a photoshoot.
To add to the look and feel of the garment the designer has to enhance the surface of the garment by adding embroidery in tune with the complete look. The last is to collect the process in form of a photoshoot.

➢Specilized Skillset
➢Industry Orientation
➢Innovative Fabric Draping Techniques

➢9 Months

➢12TH pass

A unique course will make an aspirant, industry ready with a specialization in bridal wear market.
A value addition for any fashion entrepreneur by adding another vertical of bridal wear garments in their business.
The course offers inputs in every detail needed to master this market segment right from the market study to fabrics, to silhouettes, styles, draping, traditional and contemporary embroidery techniques.

➢Specilized Skillset
➢Industry Orientation
➢Innovative Fabric Draping Techniques

➢9 Months

➢12TH pass

B.Des. (Fashion Design) - Course Structure

The course starts with foundation level focusing on studying interdisciplinary studio to grasp the fundamentals of design and fashion.
It aids in the growth of an advanced “design” mindset and perception, as well as a knowledge of the multidisciplinary nature of design and its connections to the environment, culture, and the senses and emotions of people.

Second year creates a learning environment in which seeds of research, analysis and conceptualization skills are nurtured. Students learn how to translate and realize their 2D ideas into 3D prototypes with appropriate finishes.
In this year students will be exposed to social and cultural context of fashion, media studies and will be learning to develop their visual language for an effective presentation.

Third year focuses on elevated International competitions for students and creative techniques in women’s wear and men’s wear.
Students acquire advanced skills in exploring and ideating with different materials, textiles, surfaces, trends and production techniques though Industry- classroom project.

Final year gives students a scope to manage their own learning in the form of a final design project.
The focus is to address the modern design issues in fashion and trends across the globe.
The year starts with branding and entrepreneurship learning which support their final collection.

Future Career Opportunities

Industry CollaborationS

Every DIAn gets global and national opportunities to represent, share and gain knowledge and experience through our International and national collaborations within the fashion and design industry.

The Association of Designers of India and IMS-DIA's partnership will benefit fashion design students by offering them access to an exclusive network of individuals interested in the Indian design scene and by fostering a meaningful connection between design professionals and business.

As a strategic partner, IMS DIA engages with WDO to become an official member of its worldwide designer's learning community and to participate in World Design Capital®, World Design Talks, World Industrial Design Day, World Design Impact Prize (TM), and Interdesign®.

IMS-DIA is part of a global network of International Fashion and Textile Institutes, and our students and faculty have a meaningful voice among a diverse range of Institutions from around the world (currently 55 institutions from 23 countries), providing an opportunity to share knowledge and intercultural understanding to inform, develop, shape, and direct the fashion and textile curricula and research agenda.

Provides opportunities to DIA Students to participate in various activities, projects and Internship opportunities to promote Khadi on national and international level.

Provides opportunities to DIA Students to participate in various activities, projects and Internship opportunities to promote Khadi on national and international level.

Course Highlights

Industry- Academics Partnership

The Fashion design student has the opportunity to learn and hone their design skills while working on modules that are set in a hybrid model of practical - industrial -classroom situations through projects with prestigious brands/partners like Aditya Birla, Nida Mehmood, Shilpi Gupta, Surkhab, Pankaj and Nidhi, Shoppers Stop, and many more.

International Competitions part of the program learning

In the course of their undergraduate studies over the course of 4 years, all Fashion design student participate in 2 international competitions. The two contests are in line with the program's learning objectives, which are subtly woven into the curriculum to expose students to design competitions.

DIA students must perform a four-months internship as part of their curriculum. Through their selection of internships at leading design firms, students have the chance to learn about various facets of the Indian Interior design industry. The internship gives them practical experience, develops their professional network, and gives them exposure to portfolio presentations. Each student receives guidance from a DIA faculty mentor who ensures that their learning goals are reached.

The right fusion of technological and empathetic skills is a key component of the B.Des in Interior design. The curriculum gives students the chance to learn about the most recent advancements in AI, AR, and VR, which will help them create future ready Interiors and tackle major design issues. To equip students with cutting-edge design abilities, AI in design is being introduced at the foundational level.

With 70% practical exposure, the B.Des in Interior design curriculum is the most advanced curriculum for learning and fostering design process. DIA offers 22 labs that are enriched in offering latest technology, hands on material experience, and design thinking for an amplified learning process.

Cross culture, Primary research, experience of different social structures, are few key components of studying Interior design and to foster them, DIA opens to all its student an opportunity to participate in international exchange programs with world’s best design universities or colleges across globe. In addition to exchange program, DIA brings to the classroom a pool of international faculty to deliver a module or workshop every year in DIA campus in Delhi NCR.

fashion Design Projects

fashion Design Team
Ms. Ritu Lal - Director, Fashion Design

Accomplished, dynamic, and versatile Academic Director with 25+ years of enriching experience as an academic head and senior faculty in several premier fashion institutes of the country. She holds an M.Sc. in Fashion Technology from Punjab Technical University and studied at NIFT, Hyd. She is also a recipient of the Sarojini Naidu International Award for Women, awarded by ICMEI. Her expertise lies in conceptualizing and developing short-term and long-term fashion courses. She has successfully organized events and conducted workshops to drive the holistic growth of the students.

Ms. Shruti Dudani

Masters in Fashion Design from Nottingham Trend University, UK is a practising fashion designer with 6 years of academic experience, closely connected with the Fashion world. Shruti comes with expertise in the design process and fashion technology.

Mr. Brajesh Kumar

He is a Fashion graduate from NIFT, Delhi and comes with a decade of experience in fashion Industry. He has developed his skills by working with Designers like Rajesh Pratap Singh and has worked on various projects including uniform design for different domestic Airlines.

Ms. Tulika

She is a graduate of NID with over a decade of experience in the industry and runs her own brand. Her expertise in textiles and Fabrics adds value to the fashion design program.

Ms. Gurmeet Singh

He is visiting faculty at NIFT, Delhi. He has over 26 years in Industry as well as in Academics. His expertise lies in designing for print media and digital media. He specializes in Computer Aided design software.


Ms. Ankita Singh

"Course: BFA (FD) 2018 Current Co: Lone Ranger India Designation: Fashion Designer & Merchandiser."

Mr. Milind - Fashion Design Batch

"Studying here is a feeling that you will never experience anywhere else. For me it is not just a college. During my studies, DIA felt like my home and my faculty felt like my second parents. As a creative person you always have an abundance of ideas in your mind but sometimes it is hard to make them a reality, but in DIA they will mentor, educate and help you to bring your ideas to life. I had a great opportunity to showcase my creative work at different national and international platforms like Silk Mark Ministry of Textile India, Bridal Asia, Pre't A Porter Paris and many other fashion shows."

Ms. Kani - Mr. Vikram

"Professional career, my college education has exceptionally prepared me for a smooth transition from basic designing to practical work by providing me with the skills necessary to succeed and this learning experience has taught me an unconditional love for art and design. I am very much passionate about improving the lives of others through designs and constantly look forward to learn new things every day."

Industry Placements


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