➢Nerdu never miss to ask questions and look for the answer. 

➢He is emotionally connected to his work, he loves what he does. 

➢He is staying in Delhi but has sensitivity to various global issues that impact human lives with better design.
➢He loves to observe everyone in his surroundings with his deep glasses and is not only able to understand what is happening but also what bothers people.
➢He is an empathetic listener, observer and equally scientific, so he understands Newton’s laws of motion and sees science and art combinations through his lenses.
➢His lenses have secret power which turns to be a telescope to see stars moon and other fascinations in the night sky.
➢When he gets time he likes to travel to the mountains, mountains give him the superpower of stability to stand and withstand any situation, he is an introvert but when he speaks on any topic – He knows the game well.

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