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Jewellery always has been an ongoing dialogue between the user and the observer. In ancient times it was a communication of hierarchy in the society while in today’s modern worlds it depicts a personal statement as well as an expression of self.

The consumer driven society in today’s world is expanding rapidly with the increase in  wealth in many upcoming nations. The demand for new, innovative product in all aspects of life becomes greater. Henceforth, jewellery is central to the consumer appetite for unique lifestyle accessories.

Contemporary jewellery design is pushing the boundaries of new creative jewellery design by radically questioning and examining the whole notion of decorative adornment, thus encouraging students to generate new and innovative contemporary jewellery design.


It sets the foundation with understanding of jewellery segments, the basic working of Jewellery Industry, introduction to design, precious, semi – precious and costume jewellery material, sourcing and technique resources, stages of Product Development and business basics for jewellery industry in terms of marketing and  Merchandising.

This has an advance study of the jewellery market, retailing in the domestic, regional areas nationally and an understanding of jewellery international market including trade and business promotions. The students learn about branding, trends, visual merchandising and new developments in the jewellery industry, go through case-studies of prominent Jewellery brands, and understand exports, retail and Entrepreneurship in jewellery. The learning is further enhanced with industry interface, expert talks, internship and exposure to the niche luxury jewellery segment.

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