Student support system

Ms. Lucy Baby – Academic Coordinator  

Student Support Services(SSS) provides support and counseling services to students, develop prevention and intervention strategies, assess students and families provides case management, monitors student progress and make referrals. Main objectives is that students retention, success and satisfaction etc.

Mr. Kapil Kumar Mittal – Academic Support 

Assists with student services, student attendance management, maintains alumni database, and coordinates and administers student. Provides information regarding timetables, internal and external examinations, program activities, etc to the students.

Mr. Deepender Singh – Librarian  


Ms. Bidisha Chakraborty – Front Office Executive


Mr. Imran Saifi – SEO  Specialist



Mr. Ravinder Bhati – Assistant Admin



Mr. Rakesh Kumar – System Administrator


Ms. Astha Ahuja – Academic Counsellor


Ms. Ishika Juneja – Counsellor


Ms. Naina Sinha – Counsellor



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