If the project involves a new building or significant structural modification to an existing building there is likely to be an Interior Designer involved. It is important to make it clear whether the architects or designers have the lead role and what is expected from each party. If the interior design group has architects within the team – and many do – it makes sense for one practice to handle both architecture and design. If on the other hand an independent architect is retained, their brief must recognize the involvement of interior designers. The earlier that involvement is initiated the better: early discussions on the functions and feel of a building’s interior will help the architect and facilitate a good working relationship. Ending up with service cores or stairways in the wrong place for an interior concept can be expensive and damaging to the overall quality of a building. Conversely, architects and designers working together designing from the inside outwards can result in outstanding buildings.
In larger new-build situations the architects will almost certainly be the lead consultants. It is important that the design consultants recognize this but they should be given scope to maximize the opportunities presented by the building’s interior.

STRENGTHS OF Interior Design:

The Interior Resource Center

          Equipped with a library of brochures

          Equipped with all carpentry instruments for students to explore different techniques of constructing furniture & products.

Space for INSTALLATION of Experiments

          Material Exploration can be conducted on the campus which has unique spaces.

          To display canopies or temporary or even fixed Art Installations.

A Designated placement cell which provides support to students at the time of Internship and placements

          Holds Interviews and conducts seminars for resume development and interview preparations.

Experienced Architects as teaching staff to enable the best technical knowledge and practical guidance.

Career opportunities:

Furniture Designers

Lighting Designers

Kitchen Designers

Interior and Spatial Designer

Exhibition Designer

Production Designer Theatre/TV/Film

Visual Merchandiser

Courses Offered:

Award Courses Title Course Duration
Degree BFA & DIA Diploma Interior Space Design 4 Years
Diploma DIA Diploma Exhibition & Set Design 2.5 Years

Mode: Full Time/ Regular
Accreditation: degree from CCS University, Meerut