Foundation program at DIA is not only about learning fundamentals of design but also to ensure that students develop skills in creative and critical thinking.
Art and Craft is taught as not just another medium to improve skills but to make students aware of their intuitive abilities. This is managed by involving them in the projects which has inputs in skill development as well as creative thinking. Theory subjects like History of design, History of art. Marketing etc. is also an integral part of the curriculum, Students are exposed to different materials, techniques and there uses in different design contexts. Course curriculum is delivered by the different experts from Fashion design, Interior design, Jewellery deign, Communication design and Fine artists.

New and different ways of thinking is encouraged so that every student develops his/her own original language, style and eventually become a successful designer.

Industry Exposure:

  • Visit to art galleries
  • Exhibitions and museums
  • Visit to craft hubs
  • Art studios


  • Silk Screen printing
  • Work shop on street photography
  • Workshop on calligraphy
  • Workshop on Fashion illustration
  • Visit to trade fair
  • Pottery workshop
  • Art studios