“Don’t stop when you are tired. Stop when you are done.” these are the words , our Interior Design student at Design Innovation Academy –IMS, Harshit Goyal believes in.

Harshit has a very coherent style of Designing, be it an interior space or a Product, his project always starts with an Extensive research and then he focuses on Developing a revolutionary design with a new twist.

One of his most recent inspiring projects was the Translight. Creating something that binds the gap between two different languages resulted in the making of this accent light fixture. The product is specially customized for a Korean restaurant in India.

Korean culture and tradition have many symbols and phrases as a table manner to be said during their meal, just like Bon Appetit! in French language. But it is very difficult for a person not knowing Korean language to read them without external help.

Hence, with the help of this light fixture, the language gets translated on spot. Translight is a wooden cylindrical pipe that communicates the Korean text to multiple audiences by translating the meaning through its shadow and blurring the communication gap between two languages.

The light fixture has also a customization possibility of duality in speech like Impossible to I am possible & symbiotic relationship with words like salt and pepper, knife and spoon which are harmonious together.