Introduction of the course:

This is a core Jewellery program designed for students interested in taking up career in the jewellery industry as a merchandiser, buyer, retail manager and Visual merchandiser. This course would also be an extended study for jewellery designers who have undertaken a short duration jewellery design course and would be keen to build up knowledge of the business and commercial understanding of the industry.

Year one sets the foundation for design, technical and business understanding ofprecious, semi-precious and costume jewellery as products, its manufacturing process and the existing national and global industry and markets.

 Year two furthers understanding of the supply chain process, develop knowledge and understanding of domestic and export markets for the jewellery categories, including luxury segment. It will introduce marketing and study of brands and branding of jewellery, buying, retail and quality assurance, enhanced with industry experience.

Methods of Learning:

Teaching and Learning will take place by understanding the subject knowledge through theory and its practical applications, live industry projects, market visits, surveys and Master Classes by experts from the field. 

Course Content:

Year 1 sets the foundation with understanding of jewellery segments, the basic working of Jewellery Industry, introduction to design, precious, semi –precious and costume jewellery material, sourcing and technique resources, stages of Product Development and business basics for jewellery industry in terms of marketing and Merchandising.

Year 2 is an advance study of the jewellery market, retailing in the domestic, regional areas nationally and an understanding of jewellery international market including trade and business promotions. The students will learn about branding, trends, visual merchandising and new developments in the jewellery industry, go through case-studies of prominent Jewellery brands, and understand exports, retail and Entrepreneurship in jewellery. The learning is further enhanced with industry interface, expert talks, internship and exposure to the niche luxury jewellery segment.

Key Strengths:

  • Emphasis on business and commercial market knowledge with technical understanding
  • Understanding of commercial aspects of jewellery such as weight estimation and cost approximation
  • Exposure to jewellery businesses and case studies
  • Practical inputs on starting a enterprise
  • Exposure to real-life industry, current issues and trends by industry experts
  • Practical and job-oriented course


After completing the course, candidates can explore opportunities in various segments of Jewellery industry as Merchandisers, Business Developers, Managers in jewellery retail, Visual Merchandisers, Buyers, Production Managers or start their own enterprise.