Introduction of the course:

With an ever increasing need for organizations and companies to communicate and promote their businesses, there is an increasing demand of optimal, creative and cost-effective way these companies are represented at trade fairs, events and show case in public arenas. Similarly sets are being created for films, promotional events, personal functions such as marriages, imitating the grandeur of actual architecture and interiors for a temporary period and purpose..

Whether it is a temporary structure such as an exhibition space or even a permanent structure, the way we design its functional ability, the comfort it offers, and the aesthetic experience it provides is an important aspect in its design and needs to be imparted to students.

Exhibition design is a continuously evolving field, where we need to teach the students to bring in innovative, creative, and practical solutions to the challenge of developing communicative environments that ‘tell a story’ in a three-dimensional space.

The course creates job-ready professionals that are in great demand in the booming Exhibition & Set Design industry in India & overseas.

Methods of Learning:

The key focus of this program will be to learn hands-on through practice at real sites, post the initial 1 & ½ yr of basic design & technical understanding. 

The curriculum will begin its conceptual, skills and technology journey for Exhibition & Set Design with Foundation of Design and Space. The program will gradually lead the students to specialize in the exhibition & set development domain through technicalities, material understanding, creative application and professional practice in this niche domain. The learning will take place through theoretical & conceptual understanding, and practical process through lectures, discussions, workshop practice and real project mode.

The program will facilitate Internships with Exhibition designers, Event firms and facilitate opportunities for practical, hand-on experience with domain expert in the Exhibition & Set Design.

Course Content:

The course will commence with a 6- months integrated learning with the Foundation course to learn basic visual & material skills, colour & design concepts & application, presentation and communication.

Yr. 1, following a 6 months-foundation students will learn basic Graphic Design, Typography, Content development for Communication, CAD development and basics of space layout and function. They will develop an understanding of structures and installation of exhibition set –ups, material knowledge, material handling and ergonomics of furniture.

The Space Design of temporary duration has an important purpose to promote and communicate the best strengths of the represented company. Hence it will be imperative that the course exposes the learners to graphic communication development, branding, brand image representation, along with developing Innovative concepts yet approach design in a practical manner.

Importance of Lighting design along with the sense of Sound, Film and Media in set design will be imparted.

The Final year post 1 ½ yr will be a period of hands-on real life projects, with devoted time for 4 varied projects: exhibition design; event design, set design and a self initiated temporary space design project.

Key Strengths:

  • 1 whole year of hands-on real life project with practitioners
  • An integrated approach towards creative applications through theoretical classes and practical trainings
  • Practical course
  • Experienced Faculty Members
  • Industry Interactions along with Industry Integrated Projects
  • High-end multimedia labs – Windows & iMac workstations
  • Workshops by Industry Professional

Career Options:

The graduate from this program can find a career as a Designer& stylist for Exhibitions, Events, Set designs for films, theaters & TV, Concerts.