Elsewhere, design is often misunderstood or maligned as being about “making things look pretty.” When design isn’t properly understood or respected, it often plays second fiddle to engineering and business decisions, resulting in poorer outcomes.

In the Design Culture Club, the whole team—including and especially non-designers—understands that design is a holistic and process-driven discipline that should be integrated throughout the organization.


The club is all about the amalgamation of academics and the cultural events. The cultural club celebrates the festivals and other cultural events in junction with the academics. Dance and Music Club are also a part of DIA Cultural Club. We have celebrated nd hosted events like Halloween Day – October’ 2016, DIA Design Day – December’ 2016, DIA Knowledge Day – Feb’ 2017, Holi Celebration – March’ 2017, DIA Envision – March ‘ 2017. Besides this, we also promote awareness about AIDS and other social cause which requires concern of the society.


The objective of the club is to foster talent for theatre, and to promote a vibrant theatre culture. The club has come a long way to be recognized today as a troupe of amateurs with a high professional approach. A rare breed of people with their passion for stagecraft, excel in presenting shows that portray quality artistic research work. And this, by training fresh people each time from all walks of life.


Dance club of IMS DIA was formed in order to bring out the dancing talent from every student. It not only focuses on entertaining people but also working on bringing out certain message that will be useful for the student. The club was established with the mission of bringing out the hidden talents among students and also provide them a stage where they can showcase their dancing talent and interest. The club provides lot of opportunities in the form of competition and workshops for igniting the spark of interest present in the budding technocrats and honing their skills towards showcasing their talents.


This club strives to promote all student participation in the contribution and enjoyment of their musical abilities/talents and to provide an outlet for all students interested in music. Members participate in all the cultural activities of the college and also in the inter-college and intra-university functions. All interested and talented students are encouraged to join as members.

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